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Staff Rules
Follow these rules otherwise you could face demotion from staff.
We use a 2 strike policy, this meaning you will be given a strike if you break any of these rules, if you reach 2 strikes then you will be stripped of your staff role and have to re-apply on the forums where your application will probably be denied as you are untrusted.

1) Do Not no-clip around the ship, use the !goto/!bring commands or claim an admin call unless you are on duty. If there are no staff on duty, you can claim the case but only 1 person can claim it.

2) Do not go on duty to avoid RP situations,, such as being arrested or being ordered to train a recruit.

3) Do not spawn any weapons/items that would be unavailable to your role in RP, if you are unsure about this, please speak to somebody who knows the lore.

4) Do not spawn any vehicles without a valid reason and permission from Fleet or a higher ranking staff than you

5) Do not argue with a higher member of staff, if you feel they have wrongly said something to you or wrongly punished you, speak to a higher member of staff instead of arguing and jeopardising the relationship between staff members.

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